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E-SLIM NAIL RANGE Less intrusive profile and extra length ideal for those farriers wishing to drive higher. The ESL series was developed in response to an increasing demand for a nail to meet the needs of the thoroughbred foot, characterised principally by thin hoof walls. Head and neck profiles are the same as the E-series offering similar standards of fit, strength and reliability. They differ from their counterparts in that their shanks are longer with a slimmer profile. These features enable ESL’s to be driven higher, creating less distortion to the integrity of the horn. This is particularly useful where the distal border has become badly corroded – these nails can be driven through the damaged area and high enough to clench over in sound horn. The slimmer shanks broaden the available range of pitch angles whilst OPTIMA’s unique pointing geometry ensures a precision drive and a clean exit.

Length 5 cm

Width 5 cm

Design Slim

Brand Optima

E slim product quality is good , I would recommend to all

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