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The Euroskill design comes in a front toe clipped, a hind side/quarter clipped or hind toe clipped shoe. 

* The Euroskill shoes are marked and shaped as left and right. 

* Because of the slightly coarser nail placement, the Euroskill allows you to shoe the hoof with more support. 

* Euroskill range: 

* Euroskill – The classic V-fuller shoe. 

*Euroskill Vet – Deeper punched nail hole pattern. 

* Euroskill Pulled Clip – The clip is pulled out of the toe material. 

* Euroskill Work a Holic – Designed for draft horses. 

* Euroskill shoes come in a wide range of sizes and dimensions making it easy to find shoes perfectly suitable from a pony to a draft horse.

 * Euroskill shoes have sole relief already built in.

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