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Warrior front shoes are designed with a toe clip or a choice of two patterns of side/quarter clips. * Warrior hind shoes are designed with side/quarter clips. * The lateral branch is marked on all shoes, additionally hind shoes have right and left shape. * Front shoes with toe clips are slightly longer than front shoes with side clip, allowing for different positioning and fit on the foot. * Proper design of the nail placement allows for the shoe to be set back off the toe while maintaining proper positioning in the white line. * A broad toe allows for appropriate support and the ability to create your desired break-over. * Front shoes are designed with two side/quarter clips options, between the 1st and the 2nd nail hole or the 2nd and the 3rd nail hole allowing the farrier a choice to accommodate individual foot shape and shoeing style. * All Warrior shoes are designed with sole relief built in Warrior shoes get wider with each size, starting from 20 mm up to 25 mm.

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